Additional Services – Outreach

Many of our forgotten heroes are unable to leave their dwelling due to disabilities or lifelong injuries that severely impair their way of life. In these situations, when a family member or spouse are not available to come on the Veterans behalf, we will come to you.

All Veterans that are considered home bound are still eligible for the financial assistance services and Veterans Affairs claims and benefits assistance as veterans that come into our agency. When our agency has a request for home bound assistance, many factors are considered. Home bound assistance is available to those living in a private dwelling, as well as group or nursing homes. Requirements for having a Service Officer come out to your location is as follows;

  • Veteran is a Summit County resident
  • Veteran is unable to transport themselves by either a personally owned vehicle or bus due to (military or non-military) disability.
  • Veteran has no surviving spouse or competent family members that can represent them at the Summit County Veterans Service Commission.

For more information, you can contact us at 330-643-2830 or email us by clicking here.