About VSC

About the Veterans Service Commission of Summit County

We at the Veterans Service Commission of Summit County are proud to be part of an organization that has one ultimate purpose: “To Serve our veterans”.

Funded by residents of Summit County through property tax and driven by a council of 5 members appointed by the judges of the Summit County Common Pleas Court, from candidates recommended by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, American Veterans, Disabled American Veterans and Vietnam Veterans of America. Our staff is here to serve you.

To us, it is more than a job; it is an honor. It is a tragedy when we drive through a thriving city to find Americas’ fighting heroes walking the streets with a sleeping bag and a rucksack carrying their sole possessions. Men and women that once had worked in our community, driving home at night to see their family. Some just needed a hand to pull them back over the wall that slowly appeared around them through debt or injury; others were soldiers that returned from war with mental or physical injuries that have prevented them from ever working a normal job or leading a normal life again. This could have been you or me that was seen out of that warm car on that rainy day if things were different.

Our staff, consisting of 80% veterans of multiple creeds, colors and religions, devoting over 32,560 hours per year, work together to assist our veteran community. We reach down over that wall to help those in need of temporary financial assistance and pull them back to their feet. We help our countries’ veterans navigate the Veterans Affairs medical, claims and benefits system to make those no longer able, become self-sufficient once again.

For more information, you can contact us at 330-643-2830 or email us by clicking here.