VSC in the Community

Veterans Service Commission in the Community


The Adopt-a-Flag program is a program where the Summit County Veterans Service encourage Summit County school children to make a commitment to adopt and care for a memorial burial flag in honor of a veteran throughout the year. Each child attending the Adopt-a-Flag presentation will receive a Flag Packet which will include an American Flag, Certificate and a small giveaway gift. This program is a commemorative activity to help promote patriotism and veteran services within the Summit County community.

Job Bootcamps & Job Fairs

The purpose of Job Bootcamps are to provide veterans and their dependents with employment preparation with 8 hours of intense, instructive, and a professional work environment to equip them for success in finding employment. The focus of the program is to identify the veteran’s skills, help them develop resumes, overcome obstacles, and improve their soft-skills. The goal is to have all veterans that participate in the program to get face to face opportunities with participating employers, who assist with onsite training from an employer perspective.

The Veteran Job & Career Fair is a joint effort with the Veterans Service Commission (VSC) and Ohio Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS) to host and support job fairs throughout the year. The goal of these free event is to help Summit County veterans access VSC and ODJFS services that can directly or indirectly impact veterans and their dependents.

Memorial Day Support

On the Saturday before Memorial Day, the Veterans Service Commission welcomes volunteers to help place flags on veteran headstones at cemeteries throughout Summit County. To volunteer please contact us either through email or phone, all ages are welcome. It is the VSC’s goal to thank a vet, support a vet, honor a vet through memorial honors. For more information contact David Burden at 330-643-7636 or via email at dburden@vscsummitoh.us.

Veteran of the Year

The Veterans Service Commission of Summit County will honor a selfless local veteran at its annual Veteran of the Year Dinner the third Thursday in October. The VSC has opened the nomination process any qualified veteran volunteer within the Summit County area. Qualified nominees are honorably discharged county residents, who generously serve their communities through veteran’s posts, chapters, non-profit organizations, churches, and the Veterans Administration. The VSC realizes that some veterans serve with no desire to get recognition and/ or receive accolades, however their peers have witnessed their service and desire to see them recognized.

For more information, you can contact us at 330-643-2830 or email us by clicking here.