Commissioners & Staff

About the VSC – Commissioners and Staff

Listed below are all current employees, positions, and related phone numbers. Most phone calls are made to the receptionist at 330-643-2830. Only Summit County Veterans and their dependents are able to apply for Financial Assistance through our agency. If outside the Summit County, please click here to find a VSC near you 

For more information, you can contact us at 330-643-2830 or email us by clicking here.


Mike Stith – DAV

Robert Panovich – AL

Bruce Hestley – VVA

Larry Ashbaugh VFW

Bryan A. McGown – AMVETS



Larry Moore – Call Receptionist


Service Officers

CVSO Supervisor: Dave Donaldson – Call Receptionist

CVSO: Clarence Drake – 330-643-2832

CVSO: Juanthalia Cambridge – 330-643-2840

CVSO: Chad Laubenthal – 330-643-7849



Clerical Staff

Gail Warley – Call Receptionist

Sharon Ameser – 330-643-2842

Jennifer Pelfrey – 330-643-7822

Patricia Burkadt

Cynthia Sliger


Support Staff

Project Manager/Transportation/Events: David Burden – Call Receptionist

IT/Website: William Schnering – 330-643-2838

W. Gorden Dean – 330-643-2805

Mark Anderson – 330-643-2831


Additional Services

VetCenter Counseling Services: VA Representative – 330-564-1485

Financial Coaching: Lori Mann – 330-564-8030

VA Representative – 330-564-1485