What Your Credit Says About You – and What You Can Do About It

Understanding how to obtain a good financial reputation can and will save you money! Learn what information impacts your credit report and credit score and how they should affect your financial decisions.

You Are Not Alone: Understanding the Stages of Recovery from Combat

A PTSD diagnosis saved this couple’s marriage and inspired Patience Mason to educate others on recovery and the importance of getting help.

Director’s Corner

Ensure pension poaching never happens to you by taking advantage of the financial assistance services available to you through the VA.

Free Guitar Lessons Hosted by the VSC

Veteran Frank McFadden credits his time in the military and love for music as the reasons he has been able to overcome tough times and build great friendships. By offering guitar lessons, he hopes to inspire other vets to create lasting relationships and develop life skills.

Need a Ride?

Weekday transportation services have resumed with a new, fully equipped van.

Memorial Dedication

Memorial of the Fallen Soldier Battle Cross will be dedicated on Oct. 30 in front of the Akron VSC offices.

Summer 2021 PDF Newsletter

Download a PDF copy of the Summer 2021 EyesRight publication.