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Obtaining VA Medication Refills During COVID-19

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Larry D. Moore

As the risks and challenges of COVID-19 continue to grow, Veterans who regularly take prescription drugs for chronic conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure may be wondering what will happen with their refills. The VA wants you to know they’re working hard to make sure you get your prescriptions on time, and when you need them.

The VA does not automatically refill medications. To receive a medication refill authorized by your VA prescriber, you must actively request it using one of the methods described below:

  • Through the My HealtheVet website: Request prescription refills, track deliveries and view your VA prescription history online.
  • The NEW Rx Refill Mobile App: Use this app to request refills, track deliveries and view VA prescription history from the convenience of your mobile device.
  • Telephone: Most VA Pharmacies have automated telephone refill lines. The phone number of your local VA Pharmacy can be found on your prescription label. To order refills by phone, you will need the prescription number (shown as “RX #” on the prescription label) and your Social Security Number. For many prescriptions that are no longer refillable, this automated system may allow you to send a request to have additional medication sent to you. For some medications, the healthcare team will need to contact you first.
  • By Mail: The VA Pharmacy provides a refill request form with each prescription filled. To refill by mail, complete the request form and mail it to your VA pharmacy at the address listed on the paperwork that arrives with your prescription.

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