Tip of the H.A.T.: The Honor of Selfless Service to Veterans

Medically discharged U.S. Marine Corps Lance Corporal Jamie Jones is familiar with the challenges veterans face when returning to civilian life and the loss of the strong sense of community and brotherhood shared by those who serve. His unique story – getting injured in one of the last training exercises prior to deployment – and strong work ethic have driven him to approach his medical discharge and retirement as a more than full-time opportunity to serve other veterans.

Volunteers Needed for Memorial Day

On the Saturday before Memorial Day, volunteers are needed to join us as we honor fallen veterans by placing a flag on each gravesite at our county’s cemeteries.

Proper U.S. Flag Retirement & Upcoming Flag Day

Spring is a great time to inspect the state of your flag and remove from service if damaged, ripped, torn or frayed. The VSC coordinates several flag retirement ceremonies every year; please contact us if you’d like to volunteer for these services.

Director’s Corner

Veterans and military members, who have histories of TBI, PTSD should receive routine, regular screenings for signs of cognitive impairment and mental function. Veterans with dementia who seek VA care may be eligible for certain dementia care services including in-home care, community-based-outpatient, inpatient acute and long term care services.

Veterans Can Apply for New or Renewed CCW License at No Cost Through SB81

Senate Bill 81 Waives Concealed Carry Permit Fee for Active Duty Military, Retired & Honorably Discharged Veterans While Funds Available from the State

Spring 2019 PDF Newsletter

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