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May 18, 2019
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May 18, 2019

Veterans Can Apply for New or Renewed CCW License at No Cost Through SB81

Concealed Weapons permit card and on top of a revolver.

Senate Bill 81 Waives Concealed Carry Permit Fee for Active Duty Military, Retired & Honorably Discharged Veterans While Funds Available from the State

A law passed last fall allows current and former servicemen and women to get an Ohio concealed carry handgun license without paying the fee. For Summit County veterans, you’ll be required to present one of the following for the waived fee: a county issued veteran ID card or Form DD-214 that shows an honorable discharge at the time of application. It is still required that the veteran show evidence of required firearms training, included in a DD-214 form that shows military police or documentation of military firearms training equivalent to civilian requirements.

The Attorney General monitors the number of license fees waived statewide and caps the total amount at $1.5 million, which means those who apply earlier in the year have a better chance at the fees being waived. Once the statewide cap is reached, the fees will no longer be waived until January of the next year.

No appointment is required with the Sheriff’s Department of Summit County. Applications and license pickup are available at the Summit County Jail, Gun Registration office, 205 E. Crosier St., Akron, Ohio 44311, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Call 330-643-7922 with questions or for additional details.

Download and print this application to begin the process of applying for a new or renewed CCW license.


  1. Richard Hagood says:

    has cap amount been reached?

  2. Patrick Sowers says:

    Where does a veteran go in Franklin County to get the paperwork to apply for a CCW

  3. Michael Murkins Sr says:

    Greetings, once the application is filled out, do we mail it in or drop it off at the sheriffs department?

  4. David Siegel says:

    Need my ccw

  5. Gregory R. Bivins says:

    Yes my CCW license expired in February 2nd, I didn’t know there was such a backlog for renewals. The Sheriff’s office told me they weren’t taken any new or renewals at that time. I was able to get an appointment in Wayne County in mid June. then I read that the Sheriff’s office was opening a second location for the backlog. I am a Vietnam Veteran and I would rather get it closer to home verses driving to Wayne County. Can you help?

    Thank you
    Greg Bivins

  6. Billy says:

    Yes I would like to get my concealed weapon carry I am a US veteran in the Navy from 1986 to 1991

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