VA Houses More than 38,000 Homeless Veterans in 2023

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VA Houses More than 38,000 Homeless Veterans in 2023

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On November 29, the Department for Veteran Affairs announced a significant milestone: 38,847 previously homeless Veterans have secured permanent housing as of October 2023. This amazing achievement was completed in October 2023 – two months prior to their year-end goal.

During October, the VA also helped connect 34,498 unsheltered Veterans with housing and other essential resources, surpassing the Department’s calendar year goal by 123%.

Additionally, the VA has ensured that over 96% of Veterans housed have remained in housing, exceeding their target retention rate.

More than 93% of the Veterans who faced homelessness again have been rehoused or are on the path to rehousing.

Resolving the Veteran homelessness epidemic has been a top priority for the VA and President Biden, who showed his commitment to the issue when he made supporting Veterans a key pillar of his Unity Agenda.

The VA focuses on combating Veteran homelessness by connecting with homeless Veterans, understanding their unique needs, and delivering comprehensive support.
These efforts are built on the evidence-based “Housing First” approach, an initiative that focuses on securing housing for Veterans and providing them the resources they need to stay housed.
This includes:

  • Health care support
  • Job training
  • Legal aid
  • Education assistance

The VA and its nationwide community partners help Veterans to secure permanent housing, offering rental or ownership opportunities for Vets, often with subsidies to ensure affordability. Staff at the VA also assist Veterans in reuniting them with their family and friends in another effort to help end homelessness.

The Summit County VSC is your bridge to the VA and is here to support you. If you or a Veteran you know is experiencing homelessness or financial hardship, please contact us at 330-643-2830 or stop by our office at 1060 E. Waterloo Rd. in Akron.

For more information about the VA’s efforts to end homelessness visit

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